Astbury Conversation

Understanding life in molecular detail has perhaps never been more important than at the present time and Seeing into Cells is the theme of the next Astbury Conversation on 25th & 26th April 2022. We are delighted to be welcoming Nobel Prize winner Richard Henderson as our keynote speaker. For more information visit the Astbury Conversation website.

The Astbury Conversation began in 2016 and is now a biennial flagship event for the Astbury Centre and the University of Leeds in the field of structural molecular biology. The event promotes discussions of the latest innovations and brings biochemists, biologists, physicists and chemists together from across the globe. The event consists of a two-day academic symposium including prestigious talks, selected presentations and poster sessions,, along with a public display of the emerging integrated technologies available for structural molecular biology research in the 21st century. A keynote speaker is invited to each event to deliver a plenary public lecture about their innovative research, life and career as well as take part in the academic symposium. Previous speakers have been Nobel Laureate Michael Levitt FRS and Nobel Laureate Brian Kobilka MD.