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About us

Understanding life in molecular detail

What we do:

The Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology brings together more than 400 researchers from across the University – especially from the biological sciences, physical sciences and medicine – who share the common goals of using experiment and simulation, developing new methods and approaches, and combining different techniques that span the disciplines to promote world-class interdisciplinary research to understand macromolecular behaviour in health and disease.

New discoveries in the complexities of life can only be made with access to the latest equipment and with outstanding staff scientists to run it. The equipment base in the Astbury Centre is second-to-none: we have superb research infrastructure including all of the major techniques for structural molecular biology: X-ray diffraction, 600-950 MHz NMR, two Titan Krios EMs and 10 mass spectrometers that span native MS to proteomics. This is
complemented by expertise in cell biology, chemical biology, molecular biophysics and simulation. Together these approaches are combined with analyses of biological function with the ultimate aim of understanding the molecular basis of biological mechanisms in health and disease.

Who we are:

Our mission is to understand life in molecular detail, but how we achieve that matters. Our goal is to build a vibrant, inclusive, interdisciplinary environment where all talents are valued and all feel empowered and enthused to succeed, regardless of age, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Our core principles are that:
- We value each other, and treat each other with respect;
- We speak up and we speak honestly – we should be free with our praise, open and constructive in our criticism, and always willing to listen;
- We take action to include a diverse mix of people in everything we do.

How to join us:

Membership of the Centre is open to principal investigators (and members of their research groups) with a core interest in structural molecular biology in its widest sense. For the purposes of Centre membership, principal investigators are defined as tenured or tenure-track academic members of staff, or holders of externally-funded independent fellowships of equivalent status, at the University of Leeds. If you are interested in joining please get in touch! PI researchers interested in joining us will be invited to discuss membership with the Director, before submitting a formal application that is considered by the Astbury Executive committee. Please contact Lucy Gray for more details