Congratulations to Megan Wright and Elton Zeqiraj on their recent promotion

Megan has been promoted to Associate Professor and Elton has been promoted to Professor. Congratulations to you both.

... understanding life in molecular detail

The Astbury Centre is an interdisciplinary research centre that brings together around 400 researchers from across the University to understand the molecular basis of life.

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The Astbury Centre offers opportunities for PhD postgraduate programmes and research fellowships and postdoctoral opportunities.

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The Astbury Centre

The Astbury Centre brings together researchers from across the University – largely from physics, the biological sciences and chemistry – to allow interdisciplinary approaches to be harnessed to understand the molecular basis of life. The Centre has outstanding expertise and research infrastructure in chemical biology, biophysics and all of the major techniques in structural molecular biology. Together, these approaches are combined with analyses of biological function with the ultimate aim of understanding the molecular basis of biological mechanisms in living cells.

The Astbury Centre

Our members address major questions associated with biological mechanisms in areas as diverse as membrane proteins; protein folding and assembly; viruses; and motor proteins. The Astbury Centre hosts 4-year PhD programmes funded by the Wellcome Trust and BBSRC that equip students with the wide range of expertise that may be used to address fundamental biological questions.

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Congratulations to Megan who has recently been promoted to Associate Professor following the completion of her University Academic Fellowship.


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