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Research Themes

Our research themes address major impact-oriented challenges by drawing on the full breadth of our interdisciplinary capabilities. In each theme, there is a buoyant portfolio of research involving large numbers of PIs within the Centre that additionally draws on our partnerships with academic, clinical and industrial collaborators. The themes are part of broader remit of Astbury Centre which is to harness interdisciplinary approaches to understand life in molecular detail.

Enabling tools for biological discovery

Mission: To facilitate the development and application of cutting-edge tools, often inspired by the physical sciences, to enable researchers to tackle current challenges in biology and medicine

The Dynamic Interactome

Mission: To understand molecular mechanisms across spatial and temporal scales and to uncover new opportunities for intervention.

Communication at Cell Membranes

Mission: To understand how interactions at cell membranes result in cellular responses in health and disease.

Host-pathogens interactions

Mission: To understand the molecular biology of viruses and bacteria that cause disease in humans, animals and plants, and to translate these findings into new tools for prevention, detection and eradication of these pathogens.