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New project launched to accelerate drug discovery

Research Highlights

Researchers from the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology have joined a consortium of academics and industry partners as part of a new 9.7MЄ study.

The EU-funded project, Fragment-Screen, which is being led by Instruct-ERIC, aims to develop innovative tools that could help to advance new drugs using the approach of fragment-based drug discovery.

A team of researchers led by Professor Frank Sobott (Astbury Centre), will collaborate with the University of Lisbon, on a work package that will implement mass spectrometry - a tool to measure mass-to-charge ratio of molecules - for the first time to cross-validate findings.

Together with medicinal chemists, insight from the study will also provide input for the exploitation of artificial intelligence methodologies for drug development.

Read the full story on the Faculty of Biological Sciences website.