Beginners Single Particle cryo-EM virtual course – including sample prep


Course details

This is a remote course jointly hosted between ABSL (University Leeds) and eBIC (Diamond light source).

Training leads : Rebecca Thompson and Kyle Morris

Course dates: 6th – 9th February 2023
Registration is now closed.

Day 1 will consist of lectures and theory, with breakout sessions to discuss projects. Days 2-4 attendees will be in small groups of 3 for the practical sessions, which will include project cryo-EM grid preparation, cryo-EM grid screening on a Titan Krios microscope and setting up an EPU session for to single particle data acquisition, introduction to image processing concept and to the main image processing software with a demonstration on the real data. 18 places available.
There will be opportunity for ~ 3h direct ‘hands-on’ with the microscope per attendee and observation of your course mates to reinforce learning. The participants are encouraged to send their own protein samples or cryo-EM grids to be tested during the course.