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Beginners Single Particle Cryo-EM course - November 2023


Course details

The course will be held in person at The Astbury Biostructure Laboratory (University of Leeds).

Training leads

Course dates: 6th-10th November 2023

Registration now closed.


This course is a part of our cryo-EM Wellcome/MRC training program tailored for PhD students and postdocs who wish to use single particle cryo-EM for their research but have very little or no prior experience in single particle cryo-EM.

The aim of the course is to give a theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the entire cryo-EM single particle analysis workflow including negative stain TEM, cryo-EM sample preparation, cryo-EM screening and data collection using our Titan Krios microscopes, and an introductory overview of the data processing.

The course is limited to 12 participants and provides funding of up to £2,000 per participant to cover travel and accommodation expenses.


Day 1 will consist of lectures and theory, followed by a poster session where participants will present their research projects.

On Days 2 - 5, attendees will participate in practical sessions organized in small groups of three. These sessions will cover various topics, including negative stain grid preparation and screening, cryo-EM grid preparation, screening on a Titan Krios microscope, setting up an EPU session for single particle data acquisition, and introductions to image processing concepts and key software.

Each attendee will have approximately 3 hours of direct 'hands-on' experience with the microscope, complemented by the opportunity to observe and learn from fellow course participants.

Participants are encouraged to send their own protein samples or cryo-EM grids for testing during the course.


 The course is organised by The Astbury Biostructure Laboratory (University of Leeds) in partnership with eBIC (Diamond light source), Midlands Regional Cryo-EM Facility (University of Leicester), Scottish Centre for Macromolecular Imaging (University of Glasgow), and Birkbeck college (University of London).

Please contact for more info.