Becoming an ‘independent’ single particle data collector

This is a ‘Building knowledge’ course: for those with some existing experience looking to build knowledge, become more independent and learn ‘tips and tricks’ to tackle tricky projects.

Course details

Remote course jointly hosted between eBIC (Diamond light source) ABSL (University Leeds)

Training leads: Kyle Morris and Rebecca Thompson

Course dates: 21st-24th February 2022
Registration opens 14th January 2022 and closes 30th January 2022. Participants will be informed by 7th February 2022 if they have been successful.

Day 1 will consist of a demonstration of the protocol that all attendees will be learning, setting up EPU single particle data acquisition on a Titan Krios microscope. On days 2-3, attendees will perform remote set up with help from their tutor. There will be opportunity for 1 days direct ‘hands-on’ with the microscope per attendee and observation of your course mates to reinforce learning. Day 4 will introduce image processing concepts, real-time analysis and strategies for refinement after data collection. Attendees will be in small groups of 4 for the practical sessions. 20 places available.

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