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Introduction to training

The Astbury Biostructure Lab (University of Leeds) is partnering with eBIC (Diamond light source) Scottish Centre for Macromolecular Imaging (University of Glasgow), Midlands Regional Cryo-EM Facility (University of Leicester) and Birkbeck college (University of London) to host training courses between 2021-2026 in cryoEM. This training program would not be possible without these partners, and is funded by Wellcome and MRC (218785/Z/19/Z).

We are delighted to be offering a wide range of courses for those new to cryoEM as well as those looking to build their knowledge and practical experience. We accept applications from academic researchers globally. If you are based within industry, please get in touch to discuss training options available to you.

Courses are categorised into ‘new to the field’ and ‘building knowledge’.

‘New to the field’ courses are most suitable for those with limited experience who are looking to build a solid theoretical and practical foundation of knowledge. We expect no prior knowledge coming into these courses, but you should have an active research question where cryoEM would be a suitable tool.

‘Building knowledge’ courses are aimed at those who have been using cryoEM based techniques, but are looking to increase their independence in collecting data or are tackling ‘challenging’ projects and need to build their expertise.

If you are unsure of your suitability for any of the courses please just get in touch to discuss! Please explore the courses through the menu on the left.

Frequently asked questions

How much do the courses cost?
For successful applicants, courses are free to attend thanks to funding from Wellcome and MRC (218785/Z/19/Z). For on-site courses, we have limited travel bursaries available (details within each course).

How do you choose participants?
You can see our programme policies here.

How often are courses run?
Our planned program of courses has been disrupted by COVID-19. You can explore the courses we are offering on the courses page, where we are scheduling in both remote and on-site training.

I’m interested in a cryoEM course that you don’t run!
Please get in touch- our aim is to provide training that is most useful to the community and our program is not fixed.

How to get in touch?
Please email for general or organisational queries.