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Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis


The synthesis of natural peptides which are difficult to express in bacteria and the incorporation of unnatural amino acids and other peptide/protein backbone modifications. A solid-support which is insoluble in the reaction media is used to support the growing peptide chain and facilitate purification by phase separation. Peptides 20 residues in length can be synthesized comfortably, although much longer sequences (~ 100 amino acids) can be accessed with optimisation.


The Liberty Blue HT12 Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizer is the gold standard for peptide synthesis and is ordinarily used in Leeds to prepare peptides using the Fmoc approach. It features unmatched 4-minute cycle times along with reduced solvent use based on High Efficiency Solid Phase Peptide synthesis (HE-SPPS). The HT12 upgrade allows for the fast sequential synthesis of up to 12 peptides which offers significant advantages over traditional parallel peptide synthesizers. The UV reaction monitoring function allows ready analysis of coupling and deprotection cycles to facilitate troubleshooting for difficult peptide sequences. The Liberty Blue HT12 features the latest in engineering for fluidic deliveries, true internal temperature feedback control, and software control with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. We also have a range of equipment designed for manual solid-phase peptide synthesis.


Chemistry, Laboratory 1.49


Prof Andy Wilson
School of Chemistry
Tel: 0113 343 1409